The future of entrepreneurship is the future of humanity.

I’m an entrepreneur/educator making that future brighter by giving founders—actual and would-be founders—learning experiences that light a fire in the synapses and the soul.

My work:

  • Minimum Viable Video: cohort-based course teaching video, camera confidence, facilitation
  • Corporate, Government, and Higher Ed entrepreneurship programs: Creative Entrepreneurship, Audience Building for Creators, and The Blackstone Launchpad Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp
  • 3 Day Startup (2009-2019): 10-year CEO journey scaling in-person startup bootcamp to 50 countries

My students are:

  • Entrepreneurs raising $187 million
  • Founders accepted to Y Combinator and Techstars with exits to Google and Etsy
  • 20,000 learners worldwide including astronauts in Texas, cattle farmers in Australia, and prime ministers in the Caribbean
  • Higher ed students and staff at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and 250 institutions

You can reach me on Twitter or the contact page of Actionworks. I share the best stuff I find on my newsletter:


  • I live in Austin, TX in walking distance of seven coffeeshops
  • Interests: Camera confidence, hot sauce, Latin America, cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman’s theory of reality, screenwriting, NLP AI
  • Favorite filmmakers: Denis Villeneuve, Christopher Nolan
  • I have a mysterious health condition. Sharing this because I’m out of ideas. Maybe you have some.
  • I have a handful of unfundable projects I carry around my back pocket for when I meet people writing checks to builders.


Minimum Viable Video

The project that I’m most passionate about these days is a cohort-based course that teaches entrepreneurs how to make videos that get customers, close deals, and build social capital.

Minimum Viable Video details.