Welcome! My name is Cam Houser and I live in the Zoom grid and Austin, TX.

I’m an award-winning facilitator of online workshops, entrepreneurship curriculum designer, and educator who teaches video.

You can reach me on twitter or the contact page of my company Actionworks. The best way to know what I’m up to is to join my newsletter:


  • I live in Austin, TX in walking distance of 7 coffeeshops
  • Interests: DIY video, hot sauce, Latin America, cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman’s theory of reality, screenwriting, music subcultures, NLP AI
  • Favorite filmmakers: Denis Villeneuve, Christopher Nolan
  • Current goal: I’m passionate about developing entrepreneurial skills in people (especially young people). I design courses for corporates and unis but I want to impact bigger, non-institutional audiences. So I’m trying to cultivate an audience on my wavelength

Startups: 2 failures, 1 success, 1 in progress

  • In progress: Actionworks, a company building Zoom Era entrepreneurship and innovation programs
  • The success: 3 Day Startup has taught 20,000 people in 50 countries. Hundreds of companies raised $187 million, received acceptance to Y Combinator/Techstars, and achieved exits (to Google, Etsy)
  • The failures: I share stories about them regularly in my email list and channel
  • In addition: I teach “Creative Entrepreneurship” at The University of Texas to creators, publishers, musicians, and artists



My youtube channel has a few segments, including “The War on Business Books,” where I talk smack about business books and occasionally highlight business themes from Netflix shows and everyday life.

Personal Board of Directors Framework

I get very excited about novel ways of harnessing group intelligence. Over a decade, I developed and iterated a Personal Board of Directors framework now used by hundreds of friends and acquaintances to advance careers and demystify asking for help.