Welcome! My name is Cam Houser and I live in the Zoom grid and Austin, TX.

I’m an entrepreneur and educator who builds learning programs—independently and for institutions:

  • Minimum Viable Video (cohort-based course teaching video, camera confidence, facilitation)
  • 3 Day Startup (Founder and CEO for a decade; scaled in-person startup bootcamp to 50 countries)
  • University of Texas’ Creative Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship for creators)

My students:

  • Entrepreneurs raising $187 million, getting accepted to Y Combinator and Techstars, and exiting to Google and Etsy
  • 20,000 learners worldwide including astronauts in Texas, cattle farmers in Australia, and prime ministers in the Caribbean
  • Higher ed students and staff at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and 250 other institutions

You can reach me on twitter or the contact page of Actionworks. I share the most interesting stuff I find on my newsletter:


  • I live in Austin, TX in walking distance of 7 coffeeshops
  • Interests: Camera confidence, hot sauce, Latin America, cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman’s theory of reality, screenwriting, NLP AI
  • Favorite filmmakers: Denis Villeneuve, Christopher Nolan


Minimum Viable Video

The project that I’m most passionate about these days is a cohort-based course that teaches professionals camera confidence and how to use video to make videos that boost your career and social capital.

Minimum Viable Video details.

Personal Board of Directors Framework

I’m fascinated with how the wisdom of crowds can be used as an educational tool. Over a decade, I developed and iterated a Personal Board of Directors framework now used by hundreds of friends and acquaintances to navigate careers and demystify asking for help.